Hello Black Bear World!

We are just getting things started and this is our first post! It is without question that we will need all of your input on how to proceed to make this site the go to place for Black Bear information and events.

Black Bear Club™ and its staff want to thank Isaiah Chentnik for helping us make the header for this website!

Isaiah is a great outdoors adventurer, avid conservationist, and an expert hunter. Isaiah also has an informational website that I suggest that you visit, it is: www.OutdoorExperiment.com

I hope you all like it.

Please check back often to view the new content.

If any of you have suggestions for articles, activities, how to improve or promote Black Bear Club™ please feel free to let us know.

Yours may be the idea that makes us super successful!

Thank you for visiting.

Kindest regards,

Clifford Papa Bear